Organization of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is the center in charge of the organization of the teachings and the academic, administrative and management processes leading to obtaining the titles of an official nature and validity throughout the national territory that are related: Higher University Technician, Degrees, Specializations, Masters and Doctorates in the schools of medicine, nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Biochemistry and Psychology, while these studies are still valid. Likewise, it will be in charge of all those degrees that are entrusted to it by the corresponding Governing Bodies of SAEJEE University.

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The faculty

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences brings together the teachings of the health-type studies taught at SAEJEE University Madrid. Among other qualifications, those leading to the titles of higher university technician, bachelor's degree or degree, specialty, master's degree and doctorate in Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Physiotherapy and Dentistry are developed.